Sale Lease Back

When companies are in an early growth period, they may enter into many different loan agreements to pay for equipment needed to expand.  Since loans have different maturities and in most cases, have built equity in the equipment, It is possible for us to “refinance” to pay off all your lenders and consolidate all your loans into one loan or lease payment.

By utilizing a sale-leaseback you may reduce your payment by 30% or more, greatly improving your cash flow and bottom line.

Or if you just need working capital, we may be able to use a sale-leaseback transaction on your owned equipment, to provide the working capital.

Example of a recent transaction: A company owned several pieces of heavy equipment free and clear. We were able to refinance the equipment through a sale-leaseback and provide the money to pay off a tax lien with some extra cash left over to put back into expansion of their business.

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